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Annabel works closely with businesses within the hospitality industry to ensure that they are providing their clientele with a first-rate, unforgettable service that makes them feel cared for and keeps them coming back for more. Her international experience and innate love for connecting people, makes her the perfect mentor to anyone looking to take their hospitality experience to the next level.

Annabel's guidance can also be consulted upon by startup projects looking to get a head start by investing in a powerful customer experience from the get-go. Advice concerning the recruitment of staff is available as well. 


STAFF TRAINING — Passionate about helping people find (back) fulfilment and enthusiasm in their job, Annabel offers training in the art of hospitality that is focused on both enhancing the experience of the client as well as the experience of the staff members  themselves. 

After years of figuring out what works, what doesn't, and what elements create a healthy, thriving work environment, she has been applying her knowledge to help teams find their magic formula and turn their businesses around.